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Playlist: Listen, my friends! ~ August 2016

August 21, 2016

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In the words of Moby Grape… listen, my friends! Yes, it’s the (hopefully) monthly playlist presented by George’s Journal just for you good people.

There may be one or two classics to be found here dotted in among different tunes you’re unfamiliar with or have never heard before – or, of course, you may’ve heard them all before. All the same, why not sit back, listen away and enjoy…


CLICK on the song titles to hear them


Love ~ Hummingbirds (1967)¹

Tammi Terrell ~ Sinner’s Devotion (1967)

Roy Redmond ~ Good Day Sunshine (1967)

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity ~ Season Of The Witch (1968)

The Kinks ~ Waterloo Sunset (1973)²

Quincy Jones ~ Summer In The City (1973)

Matt Monro ~ And You Smiled (1973)³

Blue Swede ~ I Didn’t Sing (In The New York Subway) (1974)

Basil Brush and Petula Clark ~ I Remember It Well (1979)

Elton John ~ Imagine (1980)4

Patrick Gowers ~ Theme from The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes (1984)

Sarah Vaughan featuring the London Symphony Orchestra ~ Bali Ha’i (1986)

ABC ~ Viva Love (2016)5


¹ A bonus track to be found on re-releases of the band’s absolutely seminal, ‘anti-Summer of Love’ album Forever Changes, which is effectively an acoustic (early demo) version of that album’s tune, The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This 

² A quite lovely and lilting performance on BBC TV (from January 1973) of the classic 1967 Kinks hit

³ Yes, this is the theme to 1970s TV detective-drama-series-and-a-half Van Der Valk (1972-77 and 91-92) – with added lyrics

4 The piano-key-thumpin’ one’s tremendous dedication to his friend, former Beatle John Lennon, at his free concert held in Central Park on September 13 1980, which was attended by an astonishing 400,000-plus adoring fans; Lennon, of course, at the time lived in the Dakota Building, just across the road from the park and would, tragically, be murdered in front of the building just eight weeks later

5 The lead-off track on The Lexicon of Love II, the just released, new album from Sheffield’s finest and suavest New Romantic band, a sequel to the original Lexicon of Love album – itself released all of 34 years ago



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