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Playlist: Listen, my friends! ~ August 2014

August 2, 2014


In the words of Moby Grape… listen, my friends! Yes, it’s the (hopefully) monthly playlist presented by George’s Journal just for you good people.

There may be one or two classics to be found here dotted in among different tunes you’re unfamiliar with or have never heard before – or, of course, you may’ve heard them all before. All the same, why not sit back, listen away and enjoy…


CLICK on the song titles to hear them


Louis Armstrong ~ Chim Chim Cher-ee (1965)

Jefferson Airplane ~ Embryonic Journey (1967)1

Alan Hawkshaw ~ The Night Rider (Theme from The Milk Tray Man adverts/ 1968-92) (1968)2

Woodstock (August 15-18 1969) Medley:

Elvis Presley ~ Suspicious Minds (1970)3

The Murgatroyd Band ~ Magpie (1971)4

Eric Rogers ~ Carry On Medley (1963-73)5

10cc ~ I’m Not In Love (1975)6

Stu Phillips ~ Theme from Quincy, M.E. (1976)

Dennis Wilson ~ Love Remember Me (1977)

Sade ~ Smooth Operator (1984)

Bruce Springsteen ~ Dancing In The Dark (1984)7

Ray Parker Jr. ~ Ghostbusters (Dub Version) (1984)


1 This awesome guitar instrumental from The Airplane’s legendary Surrealistic Pillow album (1967) closed the last ever scene of Friends (1994-2004)

2 The ace advertorial composition for the unforgettable Bond-esque UK TV commercials; it was written by Cliff Adams, whom later would record a smoother and funkier, arguably even cooler version

3 This live Las Vegas effort made just be the ultimate performance of the ultimate Elvis song. Trust me… 

4 The Murgatroyd Band – performers of this, the ’71 single release of the theme from Magpie (1968-80), ITV’s ‘trendy’ answer to the Beeb’s kids’ magazine show Blue Peter (1958-present) – are actually, of course, Spencer Davis Group; the lyrics are lifted from/ inspired by the magpie-superstition-concerning old English nursery rhyme ‘One For Sorrow’

5 Featuring themes written by Rogers and performed by his orchestra from, in order, Carry On Doctor (1967), Carry On Camping (1969), Carry On Girls (1973), Carry On At Your Convenience (1971), Carry On Matron (1972) and Carry On Cabby (1963)

6 This rendition of the Cheshire-hailing popsters’ overdubbing, endless looping multi-tracking-tastic mega-hit (UK #1; US #2) was captured for the ’75 Christmas Day edition of BBC chart show Top Of The Pops (1964-2002) 

Yes, that is a long-before-Friends Courtney Cox jumping up from the crowd to dance with ‘The Boss’ in this naff-as-hell yet rather marvellous video for the mid-’80s stone-cold rock classic




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