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Playlist: Listen, my friends! ~ October 2013

October 1, 2013


In the words of Moby Grape… listen, my friends! Yes, it’s the (hopefully) monthly playlist presented by George’s Journal just for you good people.

There may be one or two classics to be found here dotted in among different tunes you’re unfamiliar with or have never heard before – or, of course, you may’ve heard them all before. All the same, why not sit back, listen away and enjoy…


CLICK on the song titles to hear them


Pierre Barouh and Nicole Croisille ~ Un Homme Et Une Femme (1965)1

1-2-3 ~ America (1967)2

The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band ~ I’m The Urban Spaceman (1968)

The Jeff Beck Group ~ Rock My Plimsoul/ Ol’ Man River (1968)

Chris Clark ~ Good Morning Sunshine (1969)

The Rotary Connection ~ I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (1971)

Focus ~ Sylvia/ Hocus Pocus (1972)

Johnny Hawksworth ~ Theme from Roobarb And Custard (1974)

The Michael Zager Band ~ Let’s All Chant (1978)

Stevie Nicks ~ Edge Of Seventeen (Just Like The White Winged Dove) (1981)

The Bluebells ~ Young At Heart (1984)3

Simply Red ~ Money’s Too Tight To Mention (1985)

Roger Daltrey ~ The Price Of Love (1987)4


1 Composer Francis ‘Love Story (1970)’ Lai’s instantly recognisable theme from the classic 1965 Claude Lelouch film of the same name

2 Later adopting the name Clouds, Scottish rockers 1-2-3 were actually the first outfit to perform and record Paul Simon’s now iconic America, having picked up the tune in a UK studio he’d recently vacated to return to the States. This version of the song was captured for posterity at a ’67 performance at London’s legendary venue the Marquee Club; Simon & Garfunkel would record the song a year later – and the rest would be history… 

Written by the band along with Siobhan Fahey (then of Bananarama, later Shakespeare’s Sister) and Bobby Valentino, the violinist on its recording; originally a UK chart hit (#8) back in ’84, the tune got a new lease of life when it featured in a popular ‘celebrating divorce’ VW car commercial in ’93 and re-entered the charts, hitting the top spot and staying there for four weeks – for which the band reformed in order to perform it on Top Of The Pops

4 As featured in the Michael J Fox-headlined, ’80s big-business hit comedy The Secret Of My Success (1987)



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