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Retro Crimbo 2012: O come all ye faithful…

December 1, 2012


… joyful and retro-umphant! For, yes, if wallowing whimsically and nostalgically in the best (or, at times, in the so-bad-it’s-good) culture of decades past is your bag, then this merry month, one of true whimsy and nostalgia, of course, should be right up your gaudily neon-lit-up street, peeps.

Why? Because in the lead up to this year’s Crimbo, George’s Journal can offer you, my ‘Net-friendly friends, a festive-themed playlist of genuinely rare and intriguing recordings (from Marvin Gaye to Booker T and the M.G.s and from Star Wars to Kate Winslet, they’re all there); an article focusing on a yuletide favourite of the small screen that’s celebrating an esteemed milestone this yuletide; an addition to this blog’s ‘Legends‘ corner that can surely only be described as this season’s, well, legend; and a gallery of pics of the famous and the fictional and the great and the good celebrating and posing in all manner of Christmas-related guises.

Yes, so this advent do check in to the snow lodge that’s this blog, merry mates, for a proper retro Christmas experience. But what’s that I hear you cry? It’s only December 1; it’s not Christmas yet! Well, you’re absolutely right. After all, for back in the day it only ever truly felt like Christmas for me when on the Beeb’s Blue Peter the last candle of the advent crown had been lit and the school kids and the Salvation Army marching band had been let into the studio from the gloomy, chilly London night to sing out the show with a classic carol.

Ah, but wait a tick, what’s this…?



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