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Retro Crimbo: Santa Claus is coming to town…

December 1, 2011


Special delivery: Santa’s on his retro way to George’s Journal this December, peepsters, and there may even be a lovely lady or two – if you’ve been nice (rather than naughty)…!

So then, chaps, it’s finally December 1, the first day of advent and – like it or not – we’re now properly counting down to Crimbo. And, in the spirit of the season, here’s an offer from me to you all… yes, like Tom Cruise was Cuba Gooding Jr.’s ‘ambassador of quorn’, why not let me be your ambassador of, yes, Christmas corn and cheese?

For, my merry mates, I can officially declare that this very blog has now – like it did exactly one year ago today – entered its ‘Christmas Zone’, which means there’s several seasonal highlights to look forward to right here over the next three-and-a-bit weeks.

How’s about a playlist of tinsel-tinged tunes, one or two of which will be very recognisable, most of which will be rare treats? How’s about a vey merry, festive-themed addition to the blog’s Talent corner? How’s about a countdown of yours truly’s ultimate top 10 Christmas presents from back in the day? And, finally and maybe best of all, how’s about a tribute to surely modern Crimbo’s ‘Legend‘ (two clues: it’s neither Bruce Forsyth nor Simon Cowell)? Yes, how’s about all that? How’s about all that, indeed! – as Jimmy Saville may once have said in a 1970s Top Of The Pops Christmas show.

In which case (hopefully), see you all seasonably – and, oh yes, seasonally – soon for the first proper festive post…! 


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