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Retro Crimbo: the Holidays are coming…

December 1, 2010

Yes, it’s December 1, folks, and as Advent gets underway, it can only mean one thing… that’s right, it’s time for Santa Yoda to make an appearance, because – oh yes – George’s Journal has now officially entered its Christmas zone.

Yup, whether you like it or not (and I very much hope you all do) the Retro Crimbo season is upon this merry little blog from now until the yuletide itself. But what does that mean? Well, peeps, it means that you can look forward to a most seasonal of playlists this month (as ever, populated by both vintage classics and rarities); an article on the making of a true Christmas-defining tune; a new piece for the ‘Legends corner’ about a pair of very merry, classic comic performers; a run-down of top festive films by yours truly and, as if all that’s not enough, a wallow in the best – and some of the best forgotten – of classic Christmas TV past.

So those are your treats from me this yuletide – surely enough to turn any Scrooge pro-Crimbo? And what do I ask of you in return? Well, merely to hurry up and put up that Christmas tree in the corner of the room there you’re likely to put off for the next couple of weeks!

In a short while, Crimbo crocodiles…

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